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Manufacturer: Aluflex

Monoski: L'Aiguille Verte


Monoski Freeride
Chambre normal
Options Custom:
Flex (S-XL), Rocker









Specs / Technisches

Dimensions / Maße

Further information / Weitere Angaben

Lenght / Länge:
201 cm (79.1 in)
Skimasse Tip / Spitze:
24.4 cm (9.6 in)
Waist / Taillie:
18.8 cm (7.4 in)
Tail / Heck:
20.2 cm (8 in)

Theoretical carving radius / Theoretischer Carvingradius:
28.87 m

Only one sizeOnly available in size shown/ Dieses Modell ist nur in der angegebenen Größe verfügbar.

CarverCarver / mainstream / new school

RockerThis monoski has Rocker / Rocker-Ski

No information givenNo information about bindings given / ask manufacturer

Manufactured since / Hergestellt seit January 2007

Ratings / Bewertungen

Manufacturer's ratings // Bewertung durch Hersteller Highest rating given by member (as far as available) / / Höchste abgegebene Bewertung durch Mitglieder (soweit verfügbar)


Average of members ratings (as far as ratings are available) // Durchschnittliche Mitgliederbewertung (soweit bereits bewertet)

Lowest rating given by member (as far as available) / / Schlechteste Bewertungsnote durch Mitgliederbewertungen (soweit verfügbar)
This monoski has been rated by 4 members yet.

Rating for this monoski for / Eignung für:

Performance in different snow conditions / Verhalten auf:

Groomed slopes / Piste
Ice / Hard snow
Carving + extreme Carving
Crust / breakable crust / Harsch
Mogules / Bumps / Buckelpiste
Mashine made snow / Kunstschnee
Off Piste / Ungroomed terrain
Packed powder / Fester Naturschnee
Deep snow / Powder / Tiefschnee
Powder / Pulverschnee
Fun Park + Jumps / Sprünge
Slush / corn / heavy and wet snow / Sulz

Different properties / Weitere Eigenschaften:

Empfohlen für / Recommended for

Versatility / all mountain / Vielseitigkeit

Manufacturer's recommendation

"I do / could earn my money with monoskiing"
Semi Pro
"Every winter every snow every terrain"
"I have some years of experience and can handle nearly any terrain"
"I ski the mono fairly well, but not in every terrain"
"I can mono, but with some difficulty"
First try
"I have made some turns"

Member's rating

Edge to edge / Wendigkeit
Stability / Laufruhe
Speed / Hohes Tempo
Edging / Kantengriff
Float / Auftrieb Tiefschnee

We think there is no „one fits all“ monoski.

Though a professional skier will be able to ride „everything“, we wouldn't recommend to buy a soft, easy beginners model, that surely will be boring, soon or even worse, wouldn't stand the stress that a pro will give to the mono.

Vice versa most monoski models that are for „the fast and furious“ will give a beginner a real hard time.

We ask the manufacturer to recommend this monoski model for a certain „range“ from first try to a pro skier. So we do ask our members, when they rate and review. Compare the opinions (like all other values on this page)..


Member reviews / comments / Meinungen unserer Mitglieder

Review filed: Sun, 23. Feb. 2014 13:14

Test location:
Test date: Tue, 28. Jan. 2014

AV 201 is a pretty long monoski, very stable and giving much confidence on the edge (especially in crushed snow/ice) compared to the rest of the market.
Though it is big and impressive, I found it easy to handle even for short turns and moguls.
For sur it is the next board I will purchase!
This review is resulting from 2 complete days of ride in La Grave...;)




Product picture / Produktbild

Aluflex | L'Aiguille Verte - deutschsprachige europäische Monoski Organisation und Verband.

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