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White Knuckle Inc.

White Knuckle Inc.

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White Knuckle produzierte zwischen 1996 bis 2002 Monoskis. Der Gründer, Scott Gordon, vertreibt seit 2002 Duret Monoskier unter dem Label Chronic Ski Co.


Business history / Firmengeschichte

In 1996, after Rossignol stopped building monoskis and rumors of Duret leaving the business started to travel through the grapevine, Scott Gordon - who has worked as a ski tech' been a monoski representative, and owned two alternative-glisse retail shops - founded White Knuckle Inc. and have designed numerous monoskis which gave him the experience in the winter-sports industry that many ski-bums dream of discovering. In 1998; after becoming a premier sponsor of "The Derby de la Meije" in La Grave France, many manufacturers started to bring on some new and exciting monoski innovations.

Though White Knuckle did not survive the tech crash, there are still many manufacturers making exciting discoveries with new shapes and composite technologies.

Scott Gordon started Chronic Ski Co. after the collapse of White Knuckle in 2002. Simple matter of fact if that he is a chronic monoski addict and loves the sport.

The goal of Chronic Ski Co. is to provide a superior monoski experience compared to anyone, anywhere else in the world.

They have been working hard at creating an online network so everyone can participate in monoski events, online discussion and just getting together to ski with other monoskiers.

They've created an online forum dedicated to monoski enthusiasts and information seekers, Lateral Pressure is the most visited monoski forum in North America.

This manufacturer is out of business / not producing monoskis anymore.
Der Hersteller existiert oder produziert nicht mehr.
This manufacturer poduced monoski / Dieser Hersteller produzierte Mopnoski
between / zwischen January 1997 and / und January 2002


Contact data / Kontakadresse

This manufacturer is out of business, you might not be able to contact.

Postal address:
Chronic Ski Company
770 Loop Rd. (shipping)
PO Box 1013 (mailing)
Leadville, CO. 80461


Phone: +1 970 389-1900


Contact person: Scott Gordon

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